Bipolar Poetry

spiraling by SG Huerta

i spin my disorder into words, ever present in everything i produce, in every plant i rehome and inevitably kill, in every relationship ended because my extremes were too extreme, every burnt out lightbulb in my small apartment, every acquaintance scared of my highs and every sibling scared of my lows, every picture i paint with too-vibrant colors, haphazard brushstrokes ending up on walls. i used to write that dating while bipolar is like throwing a brick through a window tirelessly over and over i used to write that being bipolar is a life sentence i used to write everyday i write everyday with my disorder.

it never leaves, never ceases to hunger, never leaves never leaves me us it never will.

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SG Huerta is a Chicana poet from Dallas. They are pursuing their MFA at Texas State University and they currently live in Texas with their cat, Lorca.