Anxiety Poetry

Fire by Jonathan Todd

When you get home I’ll be sober

on my 5th cup of coffee

out of a hot shower

thinking about the dried out corn stalks

I passed on my way back from the store.

Bought a pack of smokes & chocolate,

chanted worries,

wrote piano music.

Thought and thought,

ceaseless minor notes,

olive oil and kitchen lights,

a single rose as the cooler air slips on.

I decide against lighting the table on fire

slip out for a smoke

still hot from the shower

cells open

a branch wrapped around itself.

Go back and forth

til I remember the last hit of oak

and stare at the cut on my finger

near my wedding ring.

Today I told my therapist I

don’t believe in anything.

Not sure what I was trying to get across then.

Still not sure now.

Jonathon Todd is a poet and musician, living in South Philadelphia. His work deals with observations mainly written between breaks, trying to find humanity outside of and within labor. His work has been featured in Philadelphia Stories, Prolit mag, and Protean mag among others. His chapbook Over/time was recently released  from Moonstone Press (2019).