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The After Life Review

The After Life

By Lexi Locket

Independently Published


58 pages

$10 Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-6981-4170-1

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria

The After Life is a personal and poetic portrayal of suicide loss. It starts with the shock of disbelief – including incapacitation, anguish and despair. The devastation of pain and heartbreak follow, resonating with tenderness and compassion, despite the tragedy of recipient blame as an additional blow to the burden of grief. The reader witnesses the rituals of bereavement and the difficulty of decision-making, along with desperate attempts to recapture the past. Heartbreaking reflections convey lost dreams compounded by triggers and death anniversary flashbacks. Love and loss are underscored as integral to sense of being. Vulnerability and strength evolve, with transcendent dedication and pragmatic realism. The book concludes with a select list of vital resources. The After Life is a beautiful and powerful expression of love, loss and wisdom.