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Mark The Place Review

By C.M. Crockford

Thirty West Publishing House


37 pages

$11.99 Paperback

“Am I human then?

Or something else?”

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria.

This chapbook is unique – it thrusts the reader into a variety of emotions, moments and places in time. Locations vary, including but not limited to the ‘rooftop’ – to the yard with a ‘cracked pavement.’ The reader can hear flashes of painful imagery with ‘fingers clawing at temples,’ as well as the courageous choice to ‘fight again.’ Tones range from the bold and brazen – to empathetic, resolute or mysterious. The routine of a ‘standard man’ gives room for thought as well as the concluding moments of summer The reader may not always be quite sure of the context, yet may nonetheless feel riveted or compelled to reflect. On a deeper note, the reader may also hear existential cravings, conflicts and resolution.