Book Reviews

The Artist’s Journey Review

By Steven Pressfield

Black Irish Entertainment LLC


192 pages

$14.95 paperback

ISBN 13: 978-1936891542

Book reviewed by Kavita Khajuria.

“The artist is a force for unity” This book is a guide to the revelation, exploration, and development of the artist within. It starts off with the wake of the hero’s journey – a universal yet personal phenomena – considered the prelude to the journey itself. What is an artist? Pressfield discusses the perceptions and the craft – the potential, evolution, resistance, aims, goals, and the journey itself – alone and with others. He outlines internal and external factors including praise and panic, how to help oneself or others, and psychological attitudes and realities. Other discussions include workings of the world, sense and feeling, the muse, discovery of the voice, and perspectives on creativity, release, and connection to a higher place.

With the occasional expletive, it’s conveyed in a no-nonsense conversational style with progressive references to mythology, levels of consciousness, perennial philosophy and spirituality – thus the book translates as an evolving journey within itself.