Depression Poetry

Good Morning by Heidi Seaborn

Maybe it’s my birthday

or just the blinds blinking

into little sparklers. I have wishes

lined up like the champagne bottles

and cigarettes on the windowsill.


Last night, I rode a crazy pill to the moon—


& this morning, look in the mirror—

I’m flush, a mimosa tree all summer.


Well then, I think I’ll eat toast

with apricot jam, powder my nose

with sugar, grind coffee into my brows,

brush nectarine on my cheeks.


Call it good, call it a day.

Heidi Seaborn is Executive Editor of The Adroit Journal and author of [PANK] Book Award winner An Insomniac’s Slumber Party with Marilyn Monroe (2021), Give a Girl Chaos (2019) and the 2020 Comstock Review Prize Chapbook, Bite Marks. Recent work in American Poetry Journal, Beloit, Copper NickelThe Cortland ReviewThe Greensboro Review, The Missouri Review, The Slowdown with Tracy K. Smith, Tinderbox and elsewhere. She holds an MFA in Poetry from NYU.