i’m always going to be sick, aren’t i? by Amber Renee

see, there are years of restlessness inside of my head; history like       eons of            nostalgia, bitter wars, famine, natural disasters; enemies building fences between homes     like separation from god is the true meaning of hell.  // i’m all wrapped up in  this fucking skin; paperthin &                                 constricting— —my body: blood & guts & muscle &Continue reading “i’m always going to be sick, aren’t i? by Amber Renee”

Open for Submissions

Serotonin publishes poetry and prose on mental illness and neurodivergence. The goal is to survive. And if happiness can be achieved along the way, then, well that’s a plus. We’re interested in new, previously unpublished writing on mental illness and suicide prevention. Please send up to three poems or one prose piece in the bodyContinue reading “Open for Submissions”