They Made Me by Maria Picone

go to the darkened room to perform my trauma, no warning, threatening to expel me if I refused.   feel small, a tiny mote of protest swirling in a vast maelstrom, arms bound by this mandatory evaluation.   risk my scholarship on a one-afternoon “fitness” test a run without screaming, a gauntlet without swords   present myselfContinue reading “They Made Me by Maria Picone”

Roaches by Kristin Ryan

Its clawed hands scrape along the inside of my skull until all I can hear is jagged humming. It doesn’t matter that I have a book coming out, a husband who loves me, or that I haven’t purged in eight years. When the humming becomes unbearable, I calmly tell my husband I want to dieContinue reading “Roaches by Kristin Ryan”


WARNING: many of these poems and stories contain language that may be difficult to read for those who have endured trauma.