Anxiety Poetry

Animal Farming by Maurice Charles

My feet are Peking out the squad car;
I assume the position to hog tied;
Apple in my mouth
It’s a shame I got a Charlie Horse
They didn’t want the ticket to see a Bull on Parade
I kid, I kid
I Triumph, I Triumph



Maurice has been battling mental health issues since 2016. He has been attempting to balance his activism with his personal care while finding ways to heal his anxieties, pains, and depressions. He had been trying to make sense of the sociological context of “race,” while questioning systemic institutions using economics to wage war-fare. This is his first published work with a publication; his poem depicts when “peaceful protest” and inability to demonstrate disparity of class/genus went terribly wrong.

Anxiety Poetry

Gut Reno by Mackenzie Moore

I hope you don’t have buyer’s remorse

for a house looking pretty good

when you signed the papers

worst case: some flaky grout


Only after months of padding around

learning the sounds of a fixer upper

did you find yourself lingering

on the same creaky board


Jump once

jump twice

you hit the dry rot


You’re not going to fire sale

but, if the right buyer

could put money down to fix it,



Mackenzie (she/her) is a writer and illustrator based in Los Angeles who currently writes for podcasting and television. Her first chapbook is forthcoming with Kelsay Books in early 2021— she believes bagels heal most wounds.

Anxiety Poetry

i’m always going to be sick, aren’t i? by Amber Renee

see, there are years of restlessness inside of

my head; history like

      eons of


bitter wars,

famine, natural disasters;

enemies building fences between homes 

   like separation from god is the true meaning of hell. 

// i’m all wrapped up in 

this fucking skin; paperthin &


—my body: blood & guts & muscle & bone all    moving around, shifting bodily fluid. 

useless, useless, useless. 

there are years of resistance inside of

my head. / i’m sickened by 


/ i want to go to bed.

Amber Renee, she/her, 26, writes from her home in suburban Bucks County, PA. A fool hopelessly in love with the pursuit of psycheverse knowledge, she often writes autobiographically. “Thoughts on This Most Recent Episode” was her 2016 full length collection of self-published poetry ruminating on her thoughts & illnesses. As recently as January 2020 she published a Poetry Picture book “i feel like i’m nothing” available online. Find her on social media @amberreneepoet