O see the O Seeds Thee by Omer Wissman

Five is doom three a cure-all Binging to obesity Charmed Hate-watching Party of Five And loving The Wire’s S1E5 Where in the dealers’ pager code Five equaled zero and zero five Coalesced into endless protecting By numbers my 3 beloved nieces As in always taking three pills Of overdosage OCD medication Omer Wissman, 36, multidisciplinaryContinue reading “O see the O Seeds Thee by Omer Wissman”

The Definition of Okay by Sarah Frazin

Okay. See: not okay. Not okay. See: stressed. Stressed. See: depressed. Depressed. See: unstable. Unstable. See: disaster. Disaster. See: doomed. Doomed. See: broken. Broken. See: lost. Lost. See: okay. Sarah Frazin is a queer writer and graphic designer located in Southern California. A lover of video games and writing alike, she often spends her timeContinue reading “The Definition of Okay by Sarah Frazin”

In (Your Own Head Nobody Is Your) Mate by Daniel Clark

The bashful day won’t dawn. It shirks and skirts along fleshy walls – you thought all cages must be metal? that dragons all breathe fire? – tickling drowned blue orbs. I am inmate and guard, gaoler and gaoled; sanity means order, direction, structure, putting every detail in its place like how they sort elements intoContinue reading “In (Your Own Head Nobody Is Your) Mate by Daniel Clark”