Founding Editor: Sean Lynch

Sean Lynch, he/him, is a poet and editor who lives in South Philadelphia. His poems have appeared in journals including Hobart, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, and Drunk Monkeys. He’s on the editorial board of Moonstone Arts Center and serves as the Program Director of the Nick Virgilio Haiku Association. His Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor of choice is Citalopram.

Associate Editor: Amber Renee

Amber Renee, she/her, writes from her home in suburban Bucks County, PA. A fool hopelessly in love with the pursuit of psycheverse knowledge, she often writes autobiographically. “Thoughts on This Most Recent Episode” was her 2016 full length collection of self-published poetry ruminating on her thoughts & illnesses. As recently as January 2020 she published a Poetry Picture book “i feel like i’m nothing” available online. Find her on social media @amberreneepoet

Book Review Editor: Kavita Khajuria

Kavita Khajuria, she/her, is a forensic psychiatrist, writer, award-winning poet, and educator. With over a hundred publications, her work has been published by the Southern California Psychiatric Society, California Psychiatric Association, The Los Angeles Psychologist, Psychiatric Times, Current Psychiatry, American Academy of Psychiatry & the Law, and the International Academy of Law and Mental Health.